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Dear Member of the US Asset Management Community,

It is our honor to present the USA Chapter of The Institute of Asset Management (IAM USA).  This communiqué introduces the Chapter and our services to US asset managers and owners.  It will also describe how you can participate in Chapter activities.

Our vision is to support USA asset owners and managers to realize more value from their assets through the introduction and development of good practices and policies for Asset Management.

We will achieve this by providing a path to IAM knowledge, information and services for USA-based members.

Our initial focus will be on the individual journey. We will work to extend existing services of the IAM and tailor for the USA audience.

We will also work to extend the services to support the Corporate Journey.

We will contribute to the development of the information and knowledge base of the IAM through development of solutions drawn from USA experiences.

Member Services

The US has a diverse demographic that includes manufacturing, life-science, commercial buildings, petro-chemical, power generation and infrastructure, such as water, transportation and energy.  IAM USA is in a prime position to develop a unique perspective and knowledge to share with the rest of the asset management world and is looking for motivated experts to build our organization to deliver this vision.                                      

As an independent organization committed to the development and application of knowledge and good practice, the IAM USA can help you, your organization and United States industries become demonstratively more competent at realizing value from assets.     

Are you interested in helping out? Contact Scott Morris, the membership chair for IAM US for more information or to help build the USA Chapter.                                                                                                      

JOIN today to be part of a growing network of professional asset managers in the US!



Watch the events page of IAM website for a complete listing of US and international events.




The discipline of asset management is important to many organizations.  As a learned society the Institute of Asset Management is committed to developing forward leaning knowledge, tools and services to support people interested in this emerging discipline.  Many of the current members the IAM USA Knowledge Group are also members of the US Technical Advisory Group (US TAG / PC 251) and participated in the development of the ISO 55000:2014 standards.  This will give additional value to IAM USA members.

The US chapter has identified topics of particular interest to US members.  It is beginning to work on, identify and develop knowledge products to meet those needs:

Theories, methodologies and practices for managing the entire asset lifecycle

Tools and decision-making models to optimize the CapEx OpEx investments

Asset management strategies for systems, instruments and controls

Asset management training for US practitioners

Creating asset management policies, strategies and plans

Identifying and engaging asset management stakeholders

The practice of asset management in a regulated environment

Connecting reliability practices to asset management improvement programs

Check out the array of knowledge products available such as the popular Asset Management Anatomy and Big Picture video.  If you're interested in participating in developing and transferring knowledge, best practices and the ISO 55000 Standard for asset management, contact Tom Smith the chair of the Knowledge Group.


Business Services

On October 31, 2013, after the IET Asset Management Conference at Rutgers, twenty-one of the attendees
went to dinner to discuss the formation of an asset management community of practice in the US. 
There was unanimous endorsement of the recommendation to establish a Chapter




We have done a good deal of work on the Mission / Vision / Values of the Chapter and organizational structures. Moving forward, given the size and diversity of the asset management industry in this country, the executive group is seeking assistance to build the organizational capabilties and capacity to properly serve the US market.

To expand our impact, a US Patron Group is being formed. The Patrons of the IAM are a special group of Corporate Members who have committed to a high level of activity and engagement with the Institute, and on that basis, have been invited to become a Patron. The Patrons include leading asset managers, who, in exchange for significant support to the Institute, have great influence not only on the development of the IAM itself but also on the development on the discipline.


Click here for more information about becoming a Patron


Please direct general inquires to:

Lisa Tallent, Americas Regional Coordinator

The Institute of Asset Management

13530 Dulles Technology Drive, Suite 300, Herndon, VA, 20171

Telephone - +1 (703) 742-5888

Email -



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IAM USA Pacific NW Branch Meeting 8 August 2017

McKinstry Company, 5005 3rd Avenue South, Seattle, WA, 98134
08 Aug 2017

Quarterly IAM USA Pacific North West Branch Meeting

IAM USA St Louis Branch Meeting

Monsanto Company in Creve Coeur
26 Sep 2017

IAM USA St Louis Branch Meeting 

IAM USA Pacific NW Branch Meeting 7 November 2017

McKinstry Company, 5005 3rd Avenue South, Seattle, WA, 98134
07 Nov 2017

Quarterly IAM USA Pacific North West Branch Meeting


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