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The IAM USA Chapter has been established to provide asset management professionals, and others interested in the field, the forum to enhance and share their knowledge of good practices for managing infrastructure assets. We promote an understanding of the ISO 55000 family of standards and work to simplify collaboration and communication among asset management professionals. We aim to support the growth of the IAM by promoting and demonstrating the value of membership. We promote the exchange of ideas through professional networking and social events at the national as well as the local branch level. 

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On top of the global IAM Twitter and LinkedIn, many chapters and branches have their own pages and discussion groups.

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IAM USA vision

  • We provide access to IAM's international knowledge, network, and offerings.
  • We are expanding the services of the IAM, with a focus on adding value to our local network.
  • We offer an interdisciplinary network for the exchange of experiences, to cultivate contacts, to learn from each other and share knowledge.
  • We help to establish the contact between you, the IAM, and related organizations.
  • We organise an annual Asset Management Conference in North America and keep you up to date on our social media platforms.
  • We seek to apply and develop knowledge in asset management and promote good practices based on local experience and methodologies.
  • We offer access to IAM exams (Certificate and Diploma) and promote opportunities for education regarding the ISO Standards.


Country Vice President

Thomas Smith, FIAM

Chair and Secretary of Chapter (Officer)

Amy Lindblom, MIAM

Deputy Chair (Officer)

Tammy Whipple, MIAM

Director of Strategy

David Kraft, MIAM

Director of Projects

Mark Knight, MIAM

Director of Communications

Joe Mooney, MIAM

Director of Membership Development

Tom Myers, MIAM

Director of Events

Shiv Iyer, MIAM


A bit of context...

On October 31, 2013, after the IET Asset Management Conference at Rutgers, twenty-one of the attendees went to dinner to discuss the formation of an asset management community of practice in the US. There was unanimous endorsement of the recommendation to establish a Chapter. Six years later, we have not concluded our initial Annual Conference in partnership with the Canada Chapter and have grown to 12 branches across the United States.

Our mission is still to help asset management professionals with personal growth and to assist with the sharing of knowledge of good practices to help them and their organizations to a successful asset management journey.

We are a Chapter that is run by volunteers to grow our membership and enhance the state of the profession throughout the Country. We welcome your involvement, your input, and your questions as we cannot serve the profession without understanding your needs.

Please feel free to reach out to me, our executive team, and your branch leaders. We need to hear from you in order to act in your interest.

USA Chapter Chair
Amy Lindblom

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