USA Chapter

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Please find contact details below for the various branches in the IAM USA chapter.

For general enquiries, please contact

IAM Bay Branch

Philip Tiewater / Andy Yang /

IAM Boston-Cambridge-Newton Branch

Satyen Patel / Scott Morris /

IAM Chicago Branch


IAM Florida (SE - Miami) Branch


IAM Houston Branch


IAM Minnesota Branch

Craig Edlund / Bret Anderson /

IAM New York Branch

David Kraft / Shawn Lenahan /

IAM Pacific NW Branch

Jillian Hostenske/Rebecca Borker /

IAM San Diego Branch

Martin Coghill / James Strayer /

IAM St Louis Branch


IAM Wisconsin Branch

Chris Gerold / Jeff Witt /

IAM Atlanta Branch

Teresa Ray / Bridgette Beato /

IAM Colorado Branch

Christopher Senesi/Lou Cripps /

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